2019 Home Design Trends

A new year means a whole new array of home design trends to look forward to. As design enthusiasts we are always excited to see what exciting new inspiration comes with the new year. We wouldn’t be design experts if we didn’t share our list along with some photos of past projects that seem to be a bit ahead of their time. Then again, trends do come back around! Here’s what we’re predicting will be hot for home interiors in 2019.

Walls of storage

Organization is key, and with tv shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo making massive waves, people are appreciating home organization more than ever before. Custom storage makes a house completely unique and perfectly functional for the homeowners. When you build an entire wall of storage, it keeps everything in its place while adding a beautiful design element to your space. Custom cabinetry photographed below designed and built by Cabinet Effects.

Waterloo, Ontario Condo Renovation
Waterloo, Ontario Master Bedroom Remodel

The statement tub

A recent Bathroom Trends Report shows that bath-loving homeowners who are renovating their homes aren’t just keeping the tub, they are upgrading it! People are spending more money to increase the size of their bathroom to create a spa-like environment, resulting in the rise of the statement tub. We renovated this beautiful luxury bathroom in Waterloo, Ontario and the tub was definitely a focal point for this luxuriously updated space.

Waterloo, Ontario Ensuite Reno
This tub is now equipped with an electric fireplace and flat-screen television.

Dark and moody kitchens

Gone are the days of stark white kitchens (for now). Dark and moody kitchens are gaining popularity. Expect to see a lot of matte black and green cabinetry along with dark kitchen counters this year.

Home Design Trend Photo Credit: House & Home
Dark cabinetry from a past kitchen renovation we completed.

Natural wood

Whether it is a piece of furniture, a floor or even a wood wall, wood instantly adds warmth to a home. Leave beautiful beams exposed and natural for a true farmhouse feel. Finish them with a natural epoxy or protect them with a transparent lacquer and it will be a feature you will admire for years. You can also add a live edge dining table or coffee table into your kitchen or living room to warm things up.

Reclaimed wood doors refinished and repurposed as living room doors.
The wooden beam was found and left exposed.

Overall, home design trends are fun to follow, but we really prefer to design the homes we renovate according to our homeowners specific needs and design tastes. Are you considering a home renovation and not sure where to start? Reference our handy home renovation guides to learn more about your wishes, wants and needs.

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