2020: Renovating through a pandemic

2020 gets a bad rep, but for the team here at Menno S. Martin, we are just grateful for the good, and there has been a lot of it!

The brightest ray of sunshine in our year was that our clients have really been fantastic throughout all the challenges of 2020, but of course, we weren’t surprised as we work with the best kinds of people! 

And, of course, you know already that our incredible, dedicated staff stepped right up and are doing a great job navigating these times as well! We commend them all for their efforts, kindness, consideration and positive outlook as they continue to offer amazing service and skill on every project.

They have come to work each day with energy and enthusiasm, even though it hasn’t exactly been business-as-usual, due to:

  • material shortages
  • increased lead times for just about everything
  • communicating through masks
  • contact tracing protocols
  • physical distancing (some unique challenges there, but we’ve done it!)
  • increased sanitizing each day
  • working from home for some of us
  • working around our clients, as most of them are now working from home

All in all, we’ve relied on our Putting People First philosophy as we made each new decision about halting work, and then how we slowly started up again, with all our new protocols in place.

Celebrations, done differently!

As we looked forward to the holiday season, we were unsure how we would celebrate the holidays with our staff. In years past we would book a venue, cater in food and drink and enjoy an evening together with our families. 

For 2020 celebrations, we had Little Mushroom Catering create a delicious feast which was delivered to everyone’s homes, along with wine and beer and desserts from The Stone Crock Bakery.

Not quite the same as raising a glass in person, but still fun, festive and it was great to see everyone’s photos of their festive tables and special outfits for our uniquely 2020 team dinner!

We also gifted everyone with curated buckets of goodies from some of our favourite local vendors that included gourmet treats and snacks, games and gifts, plus gift cards and a Christmas bonus! 

Huge thanks to our awesome partners!

We are always grateful to work with such wonderful people, but this year, more than ever, they have shown up for us and our clients in meaningful ways. Our community really knows how to step in and help when there is a need, and we are grateful to partner with all of these fine folks!

Looking forward to 2021

Thank you for being along for our journey, and a part of this awesome community that we love. Here’s to a fantastic 2021!

Looking to renovate next year? We have a few openings, but they are booking quickly, so let’s chat! Contact us with some information about your project, and we will be in touch.