Choosing a Bathroom Colour Scheme

Bathroom colour schemes

You’ve decided to do a bathroom renovation but now you aren’t sure where to start. One of the most important parts of bathroom design is choosing a colour scheme that you’ll love and that will stand the test of time. Bathroom renovations can be expensive and aren’t easy to reverse – especially if you do a full renovation with custom tilework and cabinets.

We’ve put together a few things to keep in mind when choosing the colour scheme for your next bathroom. This will help you narrow down your choices and give you some ideas to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for the perfect accent piece for your new bathroom!

1. Use a colour wheel. Have you ever wondered why purple and yellow go so well together? It’s because they’re across from each other on the colour wheel and act complimentary to one another. This is where most decorators begin when choosing colours for any room, so take a look at the colour wheel and see how your favourite colours look together.

2. Follow the rule of three. Choose one neutral, one rich colour and one accent colour. Experts use this rule as a guide for colour proportions in the room. The lightest colour should account for 70% of the room’s decor, the second lightest should account for 20% of the room’s décor and the boldest colour should account for 10% of the room’s décor.

3. Follow the second rule of three. This second rule suggests that when you decide on a colour for your room, use it at least three times. If you chose mint green as an accent colour, it should appear three times in the room and can take the form of anything – towels, furniture, accessories, etc.

4. Mix two neutrals. If the idea of having a bold, vibrant bathroom with bright accent colours isn’t your thing, try mixing two neutral colours instead. This type of bathroom colour scheme gives the room a relaxing aesthetic which is also very contemporary and modern. If you only use two colours, a different rule of proportion applies – a colour distribution of 70/30.

5. Don’t forget about lighting. Look at all the colours you’ve chosen in daylight and artificial light. Some colours might look great in natural light but dull and lifeless in artificial lighting. Tape your paint chips to the wall of your bathroom and you’ll get an idea of what they’ll look like throughout the day.

6. Choose colours you love. The bottom line is this: If you’re going to spend the time and money having your bathroom renovated, you want to choose colors that you like and actually want to be around. The bathroom is one room in your home that nearly every guest will see at some point and you’ll want to be excited to show off your new renovation when someone comes to your home.

Are you happy with the colour scheme in your bathroom? What would you do differently next time? Contact Menno S. Martin for more advice on how to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted!