Choosing a Kitchen Paint Colour Scheme

Kitchen colour schemeChoosing a paint scheme for any part of your home can be daunting and frustrating. There are so many colours and combinations to choose from! But the kitchen is special. It’s the place where you start your day, and it serves as the cozy heart of your home, so you want the colours to be just right. Luckily, just about any colour can work well in a kitchen if you take certain factors into consideration and follow a few time-tested tips.

First Things First

In most kitchens, the walls actually take up the least amount of visual space. Your cabinets will probably take up almost half of this space, and should be picked out first. Neutral, unstained and unpainted wood cabinets are very popular, and can complement almost any colour. At Menno S. Martin, we’re also seeing a trend towards white Shaker-style cabinets. It’s another neutral option that won’t limit your colour scheme in other areas of the kitchen.

Next come your appliances, countertops, flooring, backsplashes and even pieces of furniture. We find that things like countertops and flooring are great places to draw colour inspiration from. There might be subtle colours in each of these places that can be pulled and give the space a cohesive aesthetic. When these all-important visual elements complement each other, then you can consider the walls.

If your kitchen has windows in it, consider installing white California style shutters which have a clean and bright aesthetic but can often look flat and cold. Adding a simple patterned curtain in front will add another layer, giving the window and blinds depth while creating a great opportunity to add a splash of unexpected colour that compliments the walls, cabinets and other furniture pieces.

See the Light

The lighting in your kitchen can have a great impact on how colours and textures are perceived. If you have a lot of natural lighting with a sunny exposure, more subdued colours might work best. Alternatively, if you have mostly cool, artificial lighting, then warmer, brighter, more cheerful colours could be used to great effect. Make sure to take into account how lighting changes throughout the day. This is where colour samples that can be compared at different times of the day can be very helpful.

Colours Make the Mood

It’s long been known that colour can influence mood, and even appetite. You want your kitchen to be warm and welcoming, and perhaps make your guests hungry! Yellow and red are known to increase appetite, while blue has the opposite effect, which is something to keep in mind if you plan to do a lot of dining in the kitchen.

Many people opt for the classic black-and-white kitchen colour scheme, which can go particularly well with stainless-steel appliances. Gray has also been a trend recently, and it pairs wonderfully with a variety of colours, but can be too cold if not matched wisely.

Many people eschew green for kitchens, but like any other colour, if used correctly to complement the other visual spaces, it can create a beautiful atmosphere.

Take the time to see what others are doing with their kitchens and you’ll be able to take note of what you like and dislike about it. With a little bit of care and planning, your kitchen can be the most popular room in your home.

Please contact us if you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen and aren’t sure where to start!