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With the announcement of Colin Bird’s immediate retirement, we are pleased to share that Dale Hartley will become Inter-Lite Sales’ sole owner assuming responsibility for both the sales and operations.

Dale is excited about the future for ILS and will continue to advance the company’s mission to offer customers the best lighting and controls solutions for their needs. Nothing changes about the team’s focus on customer service – please reach out to Dale or any ILS member to begin the journey to create a plan that reflects your vision, standards, and budget.

About Us

Founded in 1978, Inter‐Lite Sales (ILS) is an independent sales agency responsible for marketing and promoting world class lighting fixture products for the province of British Columbia, Canada. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team are more than qualified to assist with providing lighting and lighting controls solutions for the most discriminating or budget conscious applications.

We are recognized as leaders in the industry providing the most innovative and sustainable product solutions to the marketplace. Our team of sales professionals are committed to providing the utmost in lighting expertise while providing unparalleled customer service and leading that talented team is Dale Hartley.

Dale is passionate about continuous innovation and dedicated to building and maintaining the relationships that ensure customers get the right solutions and support.

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