It is Cool to Talk About It

At Menno Martin Contractor we try to think of safety in broad terms. At our latest bi-weekly safety meeting with our staff we spoke about mental health. There is still quite a bit of stigma in society when it comes to talking about mental illness and mental health. The Bell Let’s Talk campaign looks to help change that by showing ways to open up the conversation. Their website has videos, information and helpful links and messages from Ambassadors  like Clara Hughes and Howie Mandel.

They offer 5 simple ways to end the stigma around mental health.
1. Language Matters
2. Educate Yourself
3. Be Kind
4. Listen and Ask
5. Talk About It

We offer our staff access to counselling services for themselves and their family members because we know life can be filled with struggles and the best way to deal with them is to talk about it.

January 28 is National Bell Let’s Talk Day. There are some local events including a free presentation featuring Paul Radkowski of Waterloo. Join the conversation.