Plumbing Nightmare

There can be many sins buried under the floor or inside walls. Recently we uncovered the jumble of pipes when we lifted the subfloor to complete a bathroom renovation. There was a mixture of steel, copper and lead all tied together in a haphazard manner. Pipes were leading to nowhere, joints were rusting, drain lines were squished and a pipe ready to burst. A previous plumber had chopped through floor joists to run his drain line. In this case it was the wood plaster lathe from the ceiling below that as providing some of the structure for the bathroom floor.

After a day of hard work by our plumber all the pipes were replaced and reorganized ready for new plumbing fixtures to be installed. We reframed the floor so our client can feel confident they have a sturdy place to be.

In the renovation business you need to be prepared for anything and everything and then have the knowledge and experience to address what comes up.

pipe ready to burst