Increase Property Value With An Exterior Renovation

Is your home starting to look a little rough-around-the-edges? Keeping your home maintained will improve energy efficiency, prevent major issues and costly repairs in the future and an exterior renovation helps boost curb appeal. Protect your home from the harsh Canadian elements and increase property value with an exterior renovation.

Here are 5 signs its time:

Windows and doors are old and drafty

When you notice a draft coming in from your windows and doors, or can visibly see the damage, then you’re probably losing a great deal of energy. Windows are the number one reason for heat loss in the winter. Upgrade old, damaged windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows. You will start saving on your monthly bills immediately.

Image: Cislo Siding

Damaged gutters

Your gutters, or eavestroughs, play a major role in your home’s drainage system. If your gutters are coming away from your home or your downspouts are damaged beyond repair, water from snow and rain won’t be able to drain away from your house. Water that pools around the base of your home can penetrate your foundation, get into window wells and cause moisture or flooding in your basement.

Photo: Bob Vila

Shingles need replacing

When asphalt shingles have outlived their lifespan, they start to curl, peel and come away from the roof. If you notice this happening, it’s time for a replacement. Waiting too long for a roof replacement could compromise your home. Any moisture or water that gets in could cause more extensive and expensive damage.


Siding is damaged or worn out

Your siding’s ability to protect your home from the weather is critical to keeping your home protected from water damage and performing at peak efficiency. A siding replacement will ensure your home is protected, increases energy efficiency and will boost curb appeal.

There are a number of different home exterior siding options you can choose. Some examples include engineered wood, fibre-cement, metal, stone and of course vinyl. Each option offers a set of pros and cons. Our team of professional contractors can help you with the selection process if needed, and there are all kinds of resources available online to research.

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Your home is looking really dated

Has everyone else in your neighborhood upgraded their home exterior? If you look at the row of houses along your block, and your house is the only one that feels like it’s from a completely different time, it may be time for an exterior renovation. Keeping your home’s exterior current increases curb appeal and resale value, and also increases the overall enjoyment you have for your home.

If you are thinking about hiring a professional contractor to renovate the exterior of your home, choose a team of courteous, friendly skilled trade professionals who are a complete joy to work with!

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