Successful Renovations Start With Putting People First 

At Menno S. Martin, building great relationships is the start to successful home renovations. Our clients appreciate the attention and care we take in listening to their design ideas, needs and budget, putting them at ease before the work begins. We know that a home renovation can be a stressful and timely process so it’s important that our team members are always respectful, helpful, kind and considerate when they are on site and it shows!

We have received a lot of great feedback over the years. Here is what one of our Kitchener, Ontario customers had to say about working with our team of professional contractors:

“Working with Art and the team at Menno S. Martin was a very positive experience for our family. Not only was the outcome beautiful and what we had always dreamed about but the journey was a relatively easy one. In a time where you hear so many negative stories about renovations, it was refreshing to work with a group of people who are passionate, professional and so great at what they do! Communication and craftsmanship are two major parts of a successful renovation and we found this to be an area that Menno excels in! The team at Menno Martin believes in “putting people first”. It is written on their company vehicles and business cards. And it’s true, it’s exactly what they do! Although we knew that they had several other renovations on the go, the team at Menno made us feel like we were their only and most important project! Thanks for putting us first guys! We couldn’t have done this without you!” Kristin – Home Renovation, Kitchener, ON

Our design/build process focuses on open communication throughout the entire process, further solidifying the relationship with our clients, helping to reduce stress, time and additional cost. 

Building relationships in our community

Building relationships and engaging with members of our community is also important to us at Menno S. Martin. Our team’s commitment to putting people first in Waterloo Region was very apparent during our 75th-year-in-business celebration. From small acts of kindness to large donations, our team was focused on giving back throughout 2017. 17 local charitable organizations benefited, along with members of our community who openly accepted random acts of kindness from our team. Our crew rallied, and really enjoyed engaging with and helping out members of the community.

Working closely with trusted suppliers

In addition to building strong relationships with our clients and the Kitchener-Waterloo community, we also have strong relationships with our trusted suppliers. Every project involves a lot of planning, knowledge and communication and that means working with a large number of specialty trade professionals to get the job done. Luckily, we work with some really great folks which makes it easier. When challenges do arise, we know that we can quickly come up with solutions together ensuring our clients are ecstatic at the end of the project. Here’s what Brian from Cabinet Effects had to say about working with our team: 

“Renovations are a very personal experience for homeowners, especially when they are living in the home being renovated. While there is no shortage of contractors to do the work, the combination of craftsmanship, accurate scheduling, design expertise, and the overall care for the clients, their home and the final product is exactly what Menno S. Martin excels at. There are a lot of components to a renovation and the excellence that Menno strives to achieve in every project meshes perfectly with who we are and what we do at Cabinet Effects.” Brian & Leti – Cabinet Effects, St. Clemens, ON

Here are a few projects that we worked closely with our trusted suppliers and partners on:

Custom cabinetry by Cabinet Effects
Glasswork by KW Glass
Waterloo Kitchen renovation completed in partnership with Timber Barn

Quality home renovations may be our speciality, but our passion lies with the people involved. We love working closely with our clients coming up with all kinds of home improvement solutions for them while working with trusted suppliers in a wonderful community we are all proud to call home!

If you are looking to work with a team who cares about building quality renovations as much as building strong relationships, give us a call at 519-664-2245 to get started.

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