Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Ifm-1444 you’re planning to have your St. Jacobs kitchen remodeled this year, you’ve chosen a great time to do so. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for kitchen design trends, with some new ideas that might be a bit surprising, plus the return of some old favorites of yesteryear. Weighing the well-informed opinions of some of the world’s top interior designers, here are some of the changes you’ll most likely see in the kitchens of the stylish and fashionable in the coming year, and maybe even in your own.

  • Muted colors and softer palettes. Bright, bold, flashy colors are so last year. Look for gray, charcoal, and pale greens, blues, yellows, and other pastels to be dominant, although white will still be the primary motif. The same trend towards lighter shades will apply to woods too.
  • Spaces for smart devices. Like everything else these days, kitchen design is embracing technology and being reinvented to accommodate the high-tech devices that have become a part of everyday life. Charging stations for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones will be cleverly hidden in the decor, and smart appliances of all types, able to be controlled remotely via wifi, will also be quite popular.
  • The 1980’s make a comeback. Nostalgia fueled by those who grew up during that decade has resulted in a return of 80’s fashion in clothing, hairstyles, and movies, and now it’s showing up in the kitchen. Flashy high-gloss and mirror surfaces, as well as brass accents, are trending but this time around they’re more subdued and without the rather plastic, phony feeling they conveyed back in the day. Satin finishes will be preferred over shiny ones.
  • Well-lit spaces. Cabinets and any place else a light can be unobtrusively placed will have them. Modern lighting strips can be easily installed almost anywhere, and you can always use extra lighting in the kitchen. Low-voltage LEDs will be the choice of the environmentally-conscious.
  • Metal stove hoods. Wood range hoods and those with metallic finishes have been popular in recent years, but in 2016 it will be solid metal hoods, or those using a combination of metal and wood.

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