Why Renovate Your Home

Why renovate your homeDeciding to renovate your home is a big decision. You’ll need to consider things like budget, wants and needs before you decide on the scope of your renovation and before you decide actually what you’d like renovated. If you’re having trouble deciding whether you should renovate your home or start looking for something new that meets your changing needs, we suggest reading through our list of the most common reasons why people renovate their homes. It will give you some food for thought and help make your decision a little easier!

  1. You are undergoing major life changes.
    If you’re experiencing major life changes, your needs in regards to your home will also likely change. When children move out, it gives you the opportunity to convert old bedrooms into new purpose-filled areas that you’ll actually use, like a sewing room or home office. Alternately, if children move back into the home, you might need to create bedrooms, whether in an unfinished basement or via an addition. Another life change that might make you want to renovate your home rather than sell it is if you would like to stay in the home as you age or if you have ageing parents moving in.
  2. Your family is growing.
    If your family is growing and you can’t imagine moving to a new home, a renovation is ideal for you. If you need more living space, there are many options that a renovation can provide you with. Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, consider adding more bedrooms and another bathroom downstairs. This is also an easy way to minimize the renovations’ impact on your day-to-day life by confining them to the basement. If your basement is finished and already in use, another option is a home addition. Home additions will allow you the opportunity to build up or out, depending on your lot size and the style of your house.
  3. Your bathroom or kitchen needs a face lift.
    The most commonly renovated areas in a home are bathrooms and kitchens. These areas of the home also offer the biggest return on investment. The kitchen is the heart of the home and since most family members spend a lot of time gathering there, kitchen improvements are a useful renovation that everyone in the family will appreciate. Upgrading your bathroom is also something that everyone can enjoy and could be the right time to install that claw foot bathtub you’ve been dreaming of!
  4. Certain rooms need repurposing.
    In today’s world, more and more people are electing to work from home. Sometimes it’s not enough to convert an old bedroom into an office. If you need more space for your home office, renovating your existing home can be a good option. You’ll be able to design a space that is conducive to productivity – whether that includes knocking down a wall or two or rewiring certain areas of your home. Other rooms can be similarly repurposed. A very common home renovation we complete are basement renovations. Many of our clients want to upgrade or repurpose their existing basements into more living space or even home theatres!
  5. You love your neighbourhood.
    Finding a neighbourhood you love complete with the perfect neighbours is no easy feat. If you are happy with the area of the city you live in and can’t imagine not being nearby your favourite dog park or coffee shop or your children attending the school they love, a home renovation might be your best course of action. You’ll save yourself the hassle of finding a new house, dealing with realtor fees and of course, the move itself.

What were the factors that led to your decision to renovate your home? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!